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The Christmas market for families in S. Cristina, Val Gardena    december 2021

Magic town S. Cristina

A warm welcome in a place full of magic and beauty!

Blue ice worlds

The blue and wintry light of the ice world meets the cosy and inviting light of the huts and creates a perfect Christmas atmosphere and a special winter experience.


White winter wonderland

Observe the soft snow flurry and the cushioned sounds of a white Christmas in the mountains.

Traditional huts, kind people

Our thoroughly decorated and traditional huts offer local and sustainable products, here you will surely find an ideal Christmas present for your loved ones.


Magic moments

For children with Magic Jokki: Jokki invites all of the children in his magic world and enchants all the visitors.

For adults: Magic town ensures happy children and relaxed moments for the parents. Meanwhile qualified animators entertain the children on the square; the adults can unwind with great company, while keeping their children under surveillance.


All this and more is...
...Magic town in S. Cristina, Val Gardena

A Magic world over the borders of the Christmas market that flows over the entire town. Maybe you meet Magic Jokki when you stroll around S. Cristina.

The biggest nativity scene in the world!

At the Cenre Iman in S. Cristina you can visit the life-size sculptures of the nativity scene. Are you familiar with the whole story? Jesus was born on December 25th, that is why we can nowadays celebrate this wonderful festivity. The work of sculpting the figures started in the year 2000, when the Holy Mary and the Baby Jesus were sculptured. Later other figures were added. Do you know them all? Can you recognize them? St. Joseph, the Magi, the shepherd, the donkey, the sheep, the angel and the camel


Not only do you experience the magic of the Christmas time at the market, at Christmas the whole town varies. Lights decorate house fronts, colourful decorations adorn Christmas trees and in many places you can smell sweet and delicious beverages. At the Christmas market you can use your obtained cup to savour Jokki’s favourite tea and refill the cup as often as you like!

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