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The Christmas market for families in S. Cristina, Val Gardena    december 2018

11 exhibitors
5 playing stations, 1 bank

magic moments

magic products


S. Cristina

„Handmade candles: they aren’t just handmade but also 100% natural and endowed with dry fruits and spices.“

- Paola

Handmade candles, Natural soaps, Hand painted tea light houses, Cherry stone and Swiss stone pine cushions, Hand painted Christmas tree ornaments, Local hand-woven fabrics, Winter house shoes and gloves, Different types of scarves, Felt décor, Christmas tree ornaments in wood and metal

Café Dolomit


„Magic? Christmas? The scent of the freshly grinded coffee and the home baked pastries.“

- Christian

Selected coffee mixtures from all over the world and delicious hot chocolate for all ages!

Comploj Margherita

S. Cristina

„My magic moment at Christmas is staying near the oven wrapped in a soft sheep wool blanket.“

- Margherita

Lovingly made sheepskin products, blankets, gloves, socks, Swiss stone pine creams, soaps and magnets.

Demetz Patrick Woodcarvings

S. Cristina

„My magic moment at Christmas begins when I can place the hand painted nativity figures under the shining Christmas tree.“

- Patrick

Fascinating wooden gift ideas: nativity figures, angels, animals and stars.

Demi Art Woodcarvings

S. Cristina

„Fascinating wooden gift ideas: nativity figures, angels, animals and stars.“

- Michael

Fine artwork: woodcarvings, nativity scenes, nativity scene figures, angels, Christmas tree décor, window pictures, crosses, saints, hand painted crystal balls, candle glasses

Geel Floricultura


„My favourite products are definitely the dried herbs. Thanks to our infusions it is possible to experience every day the magic of Christmas.“

- Margherita

Dried herbs, pastries as biscuits, grissini, seasoned salt and flavoured oils with herbs of own production and hand-decorated scented candles.

Farm Flunger

Völs am Schlern

„My favourite product is the balsamic apple vinegar premium, because it is made of 100% apples without artificial colouring and other additives.“

- Barbara

Specialities by local farmers: apple juice, hot spiced apple juice, balsamic apple vinegar, syrups, fruit jams, dry fruits and distillates.

Gardena Alpaca Products

S. Cristina

„My magic moment at Christmas begins as soon as the temperatures start to fall and I can start to wear the scarfs, socks and caps made out of our warm alpaca wool.“

- Mark

Original lovingly made Val Gardena alpaca wool products as socks, caps and scarfs.

Maciaconi Gourmet

S. Cristina

„My magic moment at Christmas is when I walk past the sparkling stands at the Christmas market.“

- Markus

Local specialities: distillates, Christmas pastry, bacon, honey.



„Our favourite products are the power-magnets Oktagon and the water sticks, because they donate more health and wellbeing than most of us would expect.“

- Rainhard

Health items as magnetic jewellery and magnet bandages, essential oils, incense, scented lamps and biological salt.


S. Cristina

„The products I enjoy the most are the delicious freshly baked Christmas cookies and the hot mulled wine according to the secret recipe, which heats up even the coldest of winter days.“

Delicious local specialities: hot mulled wine according to the secret recipe, warm Christmas cookies, typical pastries and warming soups.

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