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The Christmas market for families in S. Cristina, Val Gardena    december 2021

Magic for Kids

Come and discover an enchanted world with magic games
and a sparkling golden hut filled with treasures…

Bank of Magic!

Here you get the precious star coins, which you need for playing. The banker lets appear the star coins from behind the cloud, and reaches you the filled cup. You can choose the games you want to play and you can pay with your own money.

Throwing snow balls!

1, 2, 3 ….go! Look what fun it is to throw!
Match with the other children, who hits more snowmen?

Decorating the Christmas tree!

This game requires quite a bit of concentration and ability. It’s all about the nicest thing at Christmas: decorating the Christmas tree. Maybe you are able to decorate it as nicely as Jokki?

Build your snowman

Father and mother snowman miss their little child, he has been blown away by the freezing storm. Can you help them?

Children’s zoo

This is the perfect station for the animal lovers among you; the three cute alpacas love being caressed. Come by and feel their soft wool.

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