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The Christmas market for families in S. Cristina, Val Gardena    december 2021

Magic Jokki

Hello dear children, little Magic Jokki is excited about your visit!

Who is Jokki?

Jokki is the auspicious little tree from S. Cristina. Together with his big family, he lives in the wood on Monte Pana in S. Cristina. He loves children, the nature and the animals and enjoys hiding behind the big trees. In summer time, he wanders through the wood and lets rise lucky mushrooms and four-leaf clovers. As soon as a big snow blanket covers the meadows and the woods, he transforms into a beautifully shining Christmas tree and gets to be Magic Jokki.

Jokki’s magic!

Year after year at Christmas time, Jokki makes its appearance in the centre of the town. Here he lets grow ice trees and embellishes the windows with frost patterns which look like delicate flowers. Every tree in S. Cristina gets to be a wonderfully sparkling Christmas tree. If you encounter a lovingly decorated tree, you know that Jokki is not far from you!

Where is Jokki?

Sometimes Jokki is quite shy and hides or freezes into a normal tree. Often it seems to you that you can recognize him emerging from a Christmas tree near the entrance of the hotel or close to the slopes. The only things that reveal him, are its jingly bells. Then approach him! Jokki loves giving sweets to children.

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